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I was not optimistic when I wrote on 3 July 2023 to a few people, most of whom I knew to be outspoken critics of the Australian Government’s defence and foreign policies regarding AUKUS and Australia’s subordination of its sovereignty and independence to the USA, particularly with the increasing presence in Australia of US military basis. My letter was sent by email. It is set out in full below.

My pessimism was not misplaced. Apart from a tiny number of positive responses, my appeal was met with SILENCE. And yet I remain convinced that almost every person to whom this message was sent is an outspoken critic of these policies and the dire threat which they pose for Australia.

All of the speeches, the learned commentary and voices will not stop the rot nor turn back the perilous path on which this country has embarked. What is needed is ACTION.


It was the middle of the 2022 Federal Election campaign. Labor was on a winning wicket. The last thing it wanted was to be “wedged”. When the outgoing Prime Minister Morrison told the Labor leadership about the AUKUS deal, they adopted it without hesitation. They could not afford to be “wedged” - not in the middle of the campaign. Now they really are wedged. Even if by some miracle the Albanese government were to accept that AUKUS is a disaster, this government cannot change course. It would look weak, indecisive, even ridiculous. That is why all the preaching cannot bring about a change of course by this government or the LNP if it were to return to power.

Both major Australian parties are utterly WEDGED BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE.

A New Party for Australia

As we previously wrote: “It is difficult to recall a time in Australia which was more propitious than now for the launch of a new Australian Political Party, a Party which reflects the needs and wishes of young voters, intelligent and aware thinkers, and most importantly, a party which does not play ‘following my leader’, either to its powerful ally on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, or to the former Prime Minister who secretly negotiated the AUKUS deal.”

A NEW AUSTRALIA PARTY is essential. It is not an option. This new Party will be big and bold and it will need to focus on every issue in which the electorate has an interest. It is a gigantic mission.

But it will go nowhere if we meet only with wishful thinking and apathy. If we do nothing (apart from speeches and opinion pieces), then this country will increasingly be at risk of engaging, as a vasal of America in one more war – the next one, far more consequential than any this nation has ever faced. And what difference to the outcome will a few dead Australians make? None. None whatsoever!

Finally, a hugely important initiative has been launched by SAVING HUMANITY AND PLANET EARTH (SHAPE) I encourage you to look this site and read (and endorse) the CALL. Here is a transcript of the speech by Jeffrey Sachs together with a video of the entire spellbinding seminar held on 5 July 2023 An Asia-Pacific NATO: fanning the flames of war - Pearls and Irritations (

The Letter:


There has been a good response to the views expressed in this article published a few days ago at:

However, without taking action to pursue these thoughts and turn them into reality, they will soon disappear.

I am writing to you in the hope that you may be willing to assist in bringing about a new Australian Political Party, led by younger, energetic, bold, and thinking politicians who are not happy with the current foreign and defence policies pursued by the current government and its immediate predecessor.

A possible name for this party might be NEW AUSTRALIA PARTY (NAP), but suggestions are welcome.

Recent excellent articles have sparked my thinking of a New Party. See this excellent piece

I cannot see the ALP or the LNP moving to abandon the treacherous AUKUS deal, the fake ANZUS (which only serves to send young Australians to wars in which Australia should not be involved), or moving to regain Australia’s sovereignty by shutting down US military basis on our soil.

Many excellent opinion pieces have been published, but they have a limited audience and in reality, we are preaching to the converted. More is needed.

I am writing to a few people who I believe have the knowledge and interest in this issue to make a meaningful contribution to this endeavour. If anyone has Paul Keating’s email, please consider making it available to me or passing this on to him. He must be added, of course.

I have no doubt that there are many others of whom I am unaware, but who you may know and be willing to approach and/or introduce. I will happily add them.

Some names that come to mind as potential participants/candidates for various roles include Mike Baird, Josh Frydenberg, and Allegra Spender. No doubt, with your knowledge many more names will come to mind.

Although I am strongly in favour of more young and energetic politicians, there can be no doubt about the need to include a “Council of Elders”.

This article by Alex Lo is worth considering:

Please share these thoughts with others and participate actively to bring this about for the sake of this wonderful country of Australia.

What I think is needed to get this going includes suggestions from you and others of:

  1. Potential political participants.

  2. Names of groups who could join forces in this endeavour. There are concerned groups (for example, Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR), the Teals, Pearls and Irritations, Medical Association for Prevention of War) who could join forces and provide a formidable movement for change.

  3. Concerned citizens who have the financial fire power to contribute to this cause. I hope you can help by facilitating introductions (for example Climate 200, led by Simon Holmes a Court and Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar who founded Atlassian).”


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