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When the murderous killing of young innocents in Manchester occurred, it seemed that the world would take action at last. Journalists took up their pens in droves. Enough is enough!

And then, before the ink was dry, horror at London Bridge and nearby Borough Market in the heart of London. Less than three months earlier, there was the killing at Westminster.

This is JIHAD.

And the usual responses – “We will stand united”; “We will not give in to terrorism”. How are we not giving in to terrorism. Following the carnage of Manchester, London’s Lord Mayor was heard to say - “The best thing we can do is show that it is business as usual”. What kind of business was he talking about? The mayor of Manchester announced that the attack was the work of an “extremist”. He did not even mention Islam. Mentioning Islam (as I do here) invokes accusations of racism and Islamophobia. This is political correctness gone mad. Prime Minister Theresa May is correct when she says “enough is enough” and she talks of the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism”.

Following the horrors in France of Charlie Hebdo, Paris and Nice, former President Hollande announced that France was at war. Empty words. What war. Nothing.

Do not respond too harshly, they say. If we do, even more Muslims will be alienated and driven towards terrorism. Extremism will be inflamed by harsher measures. This is appeasement at its worst. Rubbish!

A futile and childish debate has taken place recently in Australia following the statement by ASIO director, Duncan Lewis denying the link between Australia’s refugee program and terrorism. Of course, terrorism is not caused by refugees. The terror emanates from the countries from which the refugees emanate. Countries whose holy texts condone and blatantly endorse violence.

There is a persistent failure by political leaders to call a spade a spade and to recognise that one terrorist catastrophe after another is attributable to those from Islamic backgrounds. Not Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus or even atheists. Without exception, these acts of terror have been wrought by those animals of Islamic backgrounds, emerging from countries whose religious texts provide the justification for one murder after another.

Australia is now considered to be at risk. It is not a matter of whether but rather a question of when. Since the declaration in 2014 of a caliphate by Islamic State, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, USA and others have been under persistent and regular attack. The Islamists are at war with us even if we are not at war with them. And they are proving to be highly successful and effective, striking terror into our hearts and homes and causing governments to expend billions of dollars in defending against the risk of atrocities.

It is not enough to know that Australia’s police and security personnel have thus far been successful in foiling most threats. One slip, one missed clue and Australia will discover that it is no different to Paris and London. Former NSW police Deputy Commissioner, Nick Kaldas says “It is likely that a mass casualty attack will be launched in Australia.”

The Manchester murderer was known by members of his family to be a growing threat. He was recognised by his local imam as having a “face of hate”. His parents were concerned that he would turn to violence and that he would cause trouble. He was placed on a “watch list” following reports to the police. Nothing was done. Many innocent children died.

If we are to simply continue with “business as usual”, nothing will change. It will be business as usual and the next horrific act of terrorism will be followed by more platitudes. President Trump has reacted saying - “Drive them out”. “Drive them out of this earth”.

Many civilised, compassionate nations including Britain, France and Australia pride themselves in their multiculturalism, their tolerance and their willingness to take in asylum seekers from countries whose citizens experience the most horrific imaginable conditions – countries where Islamic ideology dominates. Most refugees are peaceful, looking for a better and safer future, but amongst them there are, and will continue to be an unknown number of murderers, whether the migrants themselves or their children.

It is not enough to “stand united” – what does that even mean. That will not stop the killing. Something more must be done. Too often one hears the response - “It is too late to do anything about it”. That is both wrong and dangerous. If the threat is intolerable now, then doing nothing can only result in an even more intolerable, frightening outcome.

However tragic the circumstances of these refugees may be and however horrific the countries from which they flee – Syria, Afghanistan, Libya – continuing to allow refugees to pour into otherwise peaceful western countries will bring even greater horror.

Hosting refugees from Islamist nations will not solve the problem. The solution lies solely in the hands of the people of those countries. Intervention by the USA, Russia and others has not and will not force a peaceful outcome.

This must stop. Doors must be closed and boundaries sealed.

The multi-billion dollar cost to countries like Britain, France, Australia and USA of managing migration from these Islamic countries and the even greater cost of ever increasing security demands, can and should instead be directed to facilitating measures in those countries bringing enlightenment, education, housing, health and social well-being.

But even that is not enough. Already there are huge and ever-growing populations of Muslims, radically impacting the very fabric of western societies. Many are naturalised citizens. Many have children born in Australia and therefore are Australian citizens. The Manchester killer was born in Britain of Libyan migrant parents. A small percentage, but nevertheless a large numerical number are under constant surveillance - under suspicion of being sympathetic to or engaged in terrorist activity. It is not enough to wait and see. Preemptive action must be taken. They must be rooted out. Where there is credible evidence or suspicion of violent, radical conduct or support for such conduct, they must be apprehended, not just monitored. We must save innocent lives.

If anyone taken into this country (whether Islamic or otherwise) is found to be a danger to society they do not belong and must be driven out, deprived of their residence and, if I naturalised citizens, stripped of their citizenship. If their offspring, born in Australia are guilty of terrorism of which their parents or family have knowledge, then those parents and family should also be driven out. Harsh? Not nearly as harsh as losing your daughter, your wife, your husband or your friend to murderous terror.


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