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There can be no better time to study GEOPOLITICS, the factors and events influencing world affairs - geography, economics, foreign policy, ideology, culture, nationalism and ever-changing global relationships, strategic alliances and hostilities.

The 21st century has it all.

But front and centre is the issue of WORLD PEACE. Nothing is more important.

The International Rules Based Order, liberal democracy, balance of power, shifting alliances and respect for international institutions (which have served the world for more than 70 years) are increasingly coming into question.

To preserve world peace requires mutual understanding. Not just understanding who we are and our own values but understanding and recognising the legitimacy and values of others.

Today, we are seeing tectonic shifts, moving from the comfort of a Unipolar world (under the protection of USA) to a multipolar universe where other great powers, including China, USA and Russia, have emerged and will continue to emerge, and will demand recognition and their place in the sun.

I have always believed that peace and conciliation can only come and can only be preserved by standing in the shoes of the other party and looking at issues, not just from our own perspective, but from their perspective as well.  In my writing, I aim to pursue this approach.

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